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For the Man U will be difficult stop Chori Dominguez

Chori domninguez before the meeting

Michel positivity to the United

Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 12. 20HEC the Spanish technician was enthusiastic about the major challenge has his Olympiacos, while his counterpart at rival, David Moyes, believes it will be a "hard" meeting.

Michel was enthusiastic about the major challenge that his Olympiacos FC has this Tuesday in Greece to Manchester United FC in the party corresponding to the first leg of the second round of the UEFA Champions League. "I am delighted to have reached this round and I'm looking forward to the match," said the Spanish technician, who urged his players put in trouble a United where his two goalscorers, Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney, are going through a great moment.

Olympiacos Míchel, the Olympiacos coach I am delighted to have reached this round and I'm looking forward to the party. The passion and the way that we've played to be here will help us to create problems for United. Of course experience counts but we have sufficient capacity to deal with this lack of experience. With all due respect to United, we will do everything in our hands.

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The Court overturned the case in which a judge Mendoza

(e) is a claim raised by a complaint of Supercanal SA, of the Vila-Manzano group, which had obtained a measure of judge Bento precautionary to designate an administrator co-administrators in Cablevision SA and its separation from multi-channel.

The Supreme Court today overturned a cause in which Mendoza, Walter Bento federal judge had ordered judicial intervention of TV operator Cablevision cable, in the context of a complaint for alleged "anti-competitive practices" derived from the merger with multichannel.

It's a claim raised justice Mendoza by a complaint of Supercanal SA, a company of the Vila-Manzano group, which had obtained a measure of judge Bento precautionary to designate an administrator co-administrators in Cablevision SA and its separation from multichannel.

In a very hard decision, the Court "with the signing of six judges, since Raúl Zaffaroni appeared not to be travel - argued that the Mendoza judge"has made a creation ex nihilo from the title to found its jurisdiction and break into others', i.e. a cause that started where there was no reason to intervene the justice.

According to the ruling, Bento ignored that "Judicial power, by their nature, cannot be never invasive power, dangerous power, affecting laws keep and the truth of the guarantees that give effect to and protect".

Court was called to intervene as a matter of "competition", because even though the alleged monopolistic practice was denounced in the region of Cuyo, where Cablevision does not operate, the judge ordered the intervention of the company of Grupo Clarin in Buenos Aires and, in fact, ordered a procedure carried out by the national gendarmerie, in 2011.

The Attorney general of the nation, Alejandra Gils Carbó it had ruled in favour of the intervention of the judge Bento, but the Court also refuted his arguments, quashed the cause and filed the record.

Justice of Mendoza, Supercanal claimed "the cessation of anti-competitive conduct (determination of prices, unilateral increase of the costs of competitors and management of the grid of channels)" and, in that context, requested "the division of Cablevision by the segregation of assets and liabilities and the corresponding to the missing signature multi-channel business, merged with that one and its subsequent transfer to third parties".

That fusion was supported administratively by former President Néstor Kirchner in 2007, shortly before delivering the presidential command to his wife, Cristina Fernández.

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Carlitos Tevez was Pope for the third time

Carlitos Tevez was Pope for the third time and presented it on Twitter: "Was born the heir"

The Argentine footballer is living in Italy with his wife Vanessa, and their daughters, Florence and Katie.

"Born the heir!" Happiness is inexplicable that we all have. Carlitos Tevez was born Lito Junior Tevez", announced through his Twitter account.

The footballer is living in Italy with his wife Vanessa and their daughters, Florence and Katie, since currently stands in Juventus club.

Lito became "with a goal under his arm", as the saying goes, already the last weekend, the Argentine player made a goal in the Italian League.

The own Charlie announced the social network and shared the first photo of the "heir".

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Falcao would require a candidate to use their image

An aspirant to the camera by Bogota put on its poster to the Monaco striker. "No party political support whatsoever and no candidate", replied the player

A controversy broke out in Colombia, during the electoral campaign. In the midst of the legislative elections to designate Colombian congressmen and representatives to the Andean Parliament, Radamel Falcao García could sue a candidate for the use of his image.

Colombian striker was upset by the use of a photograph of him in the political campaign of the candidate to the House of representatives by Bogota by the citizen option party, Jorge Franco.

"Once again I want to say that I do not support any political party or any candidate for Congress", said the Colombian footballer to your personal Facebook account.

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The son of Maduro visited El Calafate

The son of Maduro visited El Calafate. There's no sign that Chavez's daughters are in Santa Cruz

24/02 - 14:00 - on current news from Venezuela, to realize the daughters of former President Hugo Chávez trip to Río Gallegos and El Calafate, OPI made inquiries that led to momentarily dispose of that possibility. Yes, we were able to determine, the son of Nicolas Maduro, was distinguished visitor to the tourist village in the month of February.

According to information relieved by this agency and based on reliable sources that permanently contribute to OPI data absolutely reliable, with respect to the presidential family, we can affirm that until this moment is has no knowledge that the daughters of Hugo Chávez Frias, María Gabriela and Rosa Virginia, have arrived to Río Gallegos and El Calafate.

The sources argued that since the day Thursday 20 February to today Monday 24, not were recorded movements of presidential machines in any of the cities and only two private flights have arrived in El Calafate, corresponding, in all cases, charters with tourists, from Buenos Aires.

"There these days, arrival flights special no observed movement of security personnel, that in these cases, it is impossible to pass unnoticed," said us a source of the calafate and another of this capital city said there was no movement of any plane from the presidential fleet. Anyway, in both cases left open the possibility of a "secret" operation has mounted, but they ratified any unusual movement would be detected rapidly because besides "presidential security people and the (police) Federal are all known and work together", said one of the sources.

Mature Jr

What could confirm, is that during the first week of February, Nicolas Maduro war, son of the current Venezuelan President, mature Nicolas, a young man of 23 years, who calls himself "a soldier of Chavez", was in El Calafate tourist visit.

The influential son of Maduro, in decision-making policy which his father, takes arrived in El Calafate in flight, with personal custody and in addition, an escort of Presidency that the President gave Cristina Fernández.

In the tourist village, Maduro Jr, not to let tour do, sailed the Argentino Lake, Perito Moreno visited the glacier and did traiking on the ice. Young stayed at the luxurious willows of the Kirchner family and was from El Calafate, so silent and inadvertently as it came.

In this way and to the large number of queries we have received national media, we are able to ensure that (at least until today) the daughters of Hugo Chávez not found in Santa Cruz, as emerged from the twits of the Venezuelan priest José Palmar, where took for granted that the young María Gabriela and Rosa Virginiathey had arrived in Rio Gallegos and here, in a sort of "political asylum", traveled to El Calafate, where they would family-hosted by the President at his residence.

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Four South American sound to replace Puyol in Barce

After that Puyol announced that he will leave the team at end of season, the directors of the catalan set put together a list of candidates to replace him, in which there are Argentines Mateo Musacchio and Federico Fazio, the Éder Álvarez Balanta Colombian and Brazilian Doria.

Long ago the sports direction of Barcelona plans to reinforce central behind, especially due to the constant injuries of Carles Puyol. However, that signing is comes stalling, due to the short supply in the market, the high prices of the targeted players and also to give place to the players of the club to play in the first team.

In a poll in the daily Sport, the Barcelona fans have chosen Laporte as his favorite to take the place of Puyol.

But the scenario changed after Puyol lcomunico officially that at end of season leave the discipline of the boat. That's why now there is no margin and Andoni Zubizarreta and the technical secretariat know that they must go to market irretrievably to sign that central looking for long time.

The list that handle is extensive. The two names that were running with greater advantage, now seem to have lost ground due to the fall in their level. This is the Colombian Éder Álvarez Balanta, River, and the Brazilian Doria, of Botafogo. Both have stagnated and fallen in consideration of the culé set.

Another of those who are in folder is the Argentinean Mateo Musacchio, AYSO River, which now plays in the Villarreal, for whom should disburse around 30 million euros. Also, interest in the Tata Martino the Argentine defender of the Seville, Federico Fazio.

The other central Barcelona following closely are Aleksandar Dragovic the Dynamo Kiev, Eliaquim Mangala del Porto, Jeffrey Gouweleeuw AZ and Aymeric Laporte of the Athletic Club.

In the next few days, taking advantage of a hiatus in the Copa Libertadores, a member of the technical secretariat will again scroll to Argentina to live monitor the evolution of different promises in three days which will be held in just one week.

For you who should replace him?

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