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The son of Maduro visited El Calafate

The son of Maduro visited El Calafate. There's no sign that Chavez's daughters are in Santa Cruz

24/02 - 14:00 - on current news from Venezuela, to realize the daughters of former President Hugo Chávez trip to Río Gallegos and El Calafate, OPI made inquiries that led to momentarily dispose of that possibility. Yes, we were able to determine, the son of Nicolas Maduro, was distinguished visitor to the tourist village in the month of February.

According to information relieved by this agency and based on reliable sources that permanently contribute to OPI data absolutely reliable, with respect to the presidential family, we can affirm that until this moment is has no knowledge that the daughters of Hugo Chávez Frias, María Gabriela and Rosa Virginia, have arrived to Río Gallegos and El Calafate.

The sources argued that since the day Thursday 20 February to today Monday 24, not were recorded movements of presidential machines in any of the cities and only two private flights have arrived in El Calafate, corresponding, in all cases, charters with tourists, from Buenos Aires.

"There these days, arrival flights special no observed movement of security personnel, that in these cases, it is impossible to pass unnoticed," said us a source of the calafate and another of this capital city said there was no movement of any plane from the presidential fleet. Anyway, in both cases left open the possibility of a "secret" operation has mounted, but they ratified any unusual movement would be detected rapidly because besides "presidential security people and the (police) Federal are all known and work together", said one of the sources.

Mature Jr

What could confirm, is that during the first week of February, Nicolas Maduro war, son of the current Venezuelan President, mature Nicolas, a young man of 23 years, who calls himself "a soldier of Chavez", was in El Calafate tourist visit.

The influential son of Maduro, in decision-making policy which his father, takes arrived in El Calafate in flight, with personal custody and in addition, an escort of Presidency that the President gave Cristina Fernández.

In the tourist village, Maduro Jr, not to let tour do, sailed the Argentino Lake, Perito Moreno visited the glacier and did traiking on the ice. Young stayed at the luxurious willows of the Kirchner family and was from El Calafate, so silent and inadvertently as it came.

In this way and to the large number of queries we have received national media, we are able to ensure that (at least until today) the daughters of Hugo Chávez not found in Santa Cruz, as emerged from the twits of the Venezuelan priest José Palmar, where took for granted that the young María Gabriela and Rosa Virginiathey had arrived in Rio Gallegos and here, in a sort of "political asylum", traveled to El Calafate, where they would family-hosted by the President at his residence.

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